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Junk Food – Birthday Party Set Ad

Junk Food - Birthday Party Set Ad

Late Billig. has added a photo to the pool:

Junk Food - Birthday Party Set Ad

new @ Cakeday Event, Birthday Party Set! A fully interactive party set for all celebrations! Purchase a full set or pick and choose from single packs! 1st Choose from 9 different cake colors (black,green,mint,yellow,purple,blue,teal,red,pink. Each cake include a cake server & cake cutting poseball.
Don’t forget those candles! WE have number candles from 0-9 to fit any birthday! The candles are clickable on or off for making wishes! Or how about a cute Happy Birthday Banner?
Next up we have interactive party hat & horn givers (the horns blowout when worn!) Confetti balloons with bento held balloon, birthday sliders & cookies, a party size bag of chips, plates & forks decor, table, and soda tub! All food/drink items feature male/female/kid/held bento animations! Get yours out now at Cakeday!

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