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Lovelies 💖

The time for Khara has finally come! Preorders have been met with a HUGE success, and we want to thank all of you for it – your support means so much to us 💕 This is why we put all our best efforts into making a body with many features you’ll absofreakinlutely love! Starting from…
– Kupra-compatible hands and feet! Yes, you got it right… ALL the shoes you have already paid hard-earned money for, all the nails, all the rings sets with a Kupra size can be flawlessly worn on Khara! This means lots and lots of saved L$ and in most cases you won’t even need to bother with a redelivery – it’s all in your inventory already!
– high quality mesh! We worked hard to make it as cool as it comes. It treasures everything we have learned in the making of Kupra and Kario, and it’s [Inithium]’s most advanced creation!
– It’s detailed! And you will be amazed at the amount of realism. From the nipples, to the neck/head joint, to the skin texture, Khara has been created to look flawless!
– it’s NEW! Some of the bodies still used in SL have been modeled a decade ago. Khara is fresh, and it doesn’t look at the past – it’s a whole new look into the future!
– it’s athletic! Lean, fit and confident, with all the right curves in the right places – just like you wanted it! We carefully listened to our customers and decided to give them exactly what they have been asking for!
– it’s already popular! We have distributed a surprisingly high amount of dev kits even before the official release, and many creators already started including Khara among their clothing sizes! Even many of those who weren’t willing to add yet another size to their roster decided to make an exception – just because they loved the body ❤

So are you ready for a new standard?
Come and get it at our mainstore… starting from April, 7th!

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