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=Impulse= "Spirit Cat" Unisex Tattoo CONTEST GIVEAWAY

=Impulse= "Spirit Cat" Unisex Tattoo CONTEST GIVEAWAY

Vip Angel (vlpangel) has added a photo to the pool:

=Impulse= "Spirit Cat" Unisex Tattoo CONTEST GIVEAWAY

=Impulse= "Spirit Cat" Unisex Tattoo (Omega+BoM+Maitreya)

Exclusive for Phases Event
TP Phases Event
Open-June 10th. Closing-July 2nd.
!!!!!!!! Promo price !!!!!!!!!!

Male and female tattoos
Colors: Black and White (for repainting)
Shadows: Dark-100%, Medium-75%, Light-50%
HUD Unisex (Omega+Maitreya)
Bom-Bakes on Mesh Pack
On some bodies (for example Maitreya), a white tattoo can be painted in any color. And also add a glow. Use your body’s HUD. Works on SOME bodies!
More info


3 winners will be announced in 3 days! On the comments section.

1. Write to comment Your SL name (Not dysplay name)

2. Click ‘Fave’ to this post.

3. Become my Flickr subscriber.

You can participate simultaneously in FB and Flickr.

Good luck to everyone!
With love Vip Angel ❤?

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