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{ID} Sci-fi Gate & Barrier @ Sci-Fi Con

{ID} Sci-fi Gate & Barrier @ Sci-Fi Con

Inner Demons has added a photo to the pool:

{ID} Sci-fi Gate & Barrier @ Sci-Fi Con

Sci-Fi Con is opening its doors May15th. You will find Inner Demons there will its Sci-Fi Gate & Barrier release along with a huge variety of items that are 50% off, along with some items that 100% of the proceeds that going straight to Relay For LIfe.
Don’t miss out this 8-region shopping event for all you Sci-Fi buffs out there! There are themed regions and you will find us on the Electric Sheep, Cyberpunk themed region sponsored by Hilted ♥
Versions are on display at the event.

Happy Shopping!

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