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{ID} Metal Gag @ Forbidden Fridays

{ID} Metal Gag @ Forbidden Fridays

Inner Demons has added a photo to the pool:

{ID} Metal Gag @ Forbidden Fridays

♦69L New release promo price for Forbidden Fridays (will be out all weekend long)

♦Bento animated

♦Non-scripted version also included (1pc is scripted, 2pc is unscripted, making it easy to resize the front part to different mouth huds available)

♦.Demo is available.

♦5 color metal HUD included

♦Modifiable to add your own scripts/animations, etc…

Happy Shopping!

In-world Group (free to join and be the first to get the weekly shopping HUD each week): secondlife:///app/group/2449d432-d409-09b8-4ed4-0ef216ed52a8/about

You can find us here on social media:

Forbidden Fridays Facebook Page

Forbidden Fridays Flickr

Forbidden Fridays Website/Blog

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