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Hiding spot

Hiding spot

Ayumi ;;Pombear Owner;; {вℓσggєя} has added a photo to the pool:

Hiding spot

”No you don’t understand. It’s not that I don’t try, it’s that I try so fucking hard, to be worth your time, to be funny, smart, pretty & deserving of your love. But despite every attempt, I’m still not enough.”


Berrybird – Sleepy Kitty @Modify Event
Swallow – Friendship Necklace
Fujiwara’s World – Grawl Rings & Holy Nails
MARTI – Lia Shorts Blue
Persephone – Brat Tattoo
S<3T – Gena Garter Bag
[bubble] – Sakura Aura
Tardfish – Strawberry Milk
Vegas – Splash Tattoo
Candy Kitten – Sugar Babe Set pink flowers
Limerence – Alexandra Hair
Whisk – Wary Eyes
Sugarcult -Kibby Head
Happy Paw – Tiger Tail & Ears of big cats
Apricot Paws – Handy Paws & Feety Peets
Moon Amore – Ukka septum Kitty

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