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HEXtraordinary – Goblin Babes – Gacha Garden

HEXtraordinary - Goblin Babes - Gacha Garden

HEXtraordinary! has added a photo to the pool:

HEXtraordinary - Goblin Babes - Gacha Garden

These little Goblin Babes are sure to make their way right into your hearts! There are 14 different Goblin Babes to be collected, including 4 spectacular rares. The commons come in a companion and a wandering. They come in water, plum, chocolate, snow and moss.

The rares have all the colors that can be chosen from a clickable menu. There are two rare’s, The Onsie Goblin and the Dungaree Goblin. Hold your Goblin Babes close and love them forever. They have Transfer permissions and a total land impact value of 34 or 45 Li.

Gacha Garden runs from February 1st to February 28th
ღ TAXI to Gacha Garden:

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