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HEXtraordinary – Catacomb Fountain – The Epiphany

HEXtraordinary - Catacomb Fountain - The Epiphany

HEXtraordinary! has added a photo to the pool:

HEXtraordinary - Catacomb Fountain - The Epiphany

Our new Catacomb Fountain is available at the October round of The Epiphany.

The Catacomb Fountain is a delightfully haunted display with animated water. The structure is surrounded by dead vines that curve upwards towards the sculpted backing. The backdrop is adorned with multiple skulls and skull fragments with a large central skull that spills water through it’s mouth. The decorative basin below neatly catches the water and sits atop a brick foundation. This fountain will look stunning in your haunted gardens or in an enchanted forest. The item has copy and modify permissions with a total land impact value of 3Li.

Epiphany opens on October 15th and closes on Nov. 12th
❄ TAXI to the Epiphany:

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