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HEXtraordinary – Bat Cat – Arcade

HEXtraordinary - Bat Cat - Arcade

HEXtraordinary! has added a photo to the pool:

HEXtraordinary - Bat Cat - Arcade

♥ New Flash GIVEAWAY Time! Bat Cats @ The Arcade ♥

Our new Bat Cats are available at the October round of The Arcade.

MeeeOWW! These cheekie little animesh cats are a must have fall addition to your home and wardrobe! These winged cats are a delight whether it be at a haunting, in your home or at your favorite costume party. The cats have 2 rares and 10 commons in total. The rare cats have wings and with one click all the colors are available. There are 5 textures available; Ginger Tabby, Black, Grey Tabby, White and Siamese. Items have transfer permissions with a land impact value of 21 to 32 Li.

We’d love for 3 lucky winners to receive a sweet pack of the whole set. Head to our Facebook Page to enter the CONTEST. You can also enter here on Flickr by leaving your SL name along with your comment. Two ways to win!

The Arcade runs from October 1st to the 31st
ღ TAXI to the ARCADE:

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