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Hello little friend

Hello little friend has added a photo to the pool:

Hello little friend

After hiking all day through the jungle my feet were killing me! So I slipped them off and decided to admire my favorite statue I’ve found wandering the Island. To my surprise, a sweet little friend decided to say hello! It took a few minutes before I was able to coax my little Macaw friend into my hand but it was a success! I’m so thankful someone got a photo of my new little friend and me!
📌 Product Details
PassPort Poses – Hello Little Friend
Product Includes – Animated Poseball, Animation, and Ad Photo
Product Info – Copy, Mod, and No Transfer
Backdrop NOT INCLUDED but can found at Canary Island
Products in the photo are not included but can found at:
Half Deer -Tropical Birds – Blue-and-Yellow Macaw (Static)
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