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HEC (Teleporthub GROUP GIFT) • AIKO Risque Kimono

HEC (Teleporthub GROUP GIFT) • AIKO Risque Kimono

hec-fashion has added a photo to the pool:

HEC (Teleporthub GROUP GIFT) • AIKO Risque Kimono

Model: hectic1 (Maitreya)
Photo, Retouch, Edit: hectic1

HEC: InfoBlog

Gifts for Group Members
Only available in-world!
Group key: 0ceeb685-fd83-1c3d-1de6-16a72517f4f6

The gift is available via a dedicated TeleportHub scrollable vendor, along with the previous teleporthub gifts. The vendor is located in the GIFTS room, with a TeleportHub group-join panel below it. To get the gifts, join the TeleportHub group, use the scroll-arrows of the vendor if needed, click on the vendor picture and choose Deliver.

To see the garment in all its glory, please enable Advanced Lighting Model (ALM) in the Graphics preferences of your viewer, and switch on the lights of the room you are in (or use our free Body Light Bundle for ALM Testing).


Fit (shape adjustments or Alpha HUD use may needed):
• Belleza (F/I/V natural breasts)
• eBODY (Classic, Curvy)
• Maitreya (Lara)
• Slink (P/H)
• Standard Fitmesh (1 size)

• Original Textures
• Materials Enabled (full use of Advanced Lighting Model)
• 100% Mesh/Fitmesh

HUD Driven:
• 4 Base fabrics, 3 Belt fabrics
• Adjustable fabric Glossiness
• Multiple Sheer Levels
• Multiple Glow Levels
• Full-bright On/Off
• Hideable Belt
• Instant Strip (Show/Hide)

Quality Mesh Fashion

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