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Heartbreak Silks

Heartbreak Silks

Void SL has added a photo to the pool:

Heartbreak Silks

Heartbreak Silks Youtube Video
Teleport to Equal10

Available at Equal10 June 10 (12PM SLT) – July 5.

Mesh and BOM lingerie set.

The entire set is provided in tintable black & white, mesh parts can be retextured and tinted via the customization HUD.

Modular BOM stockings, gloves & thong optimized for Reborn:

• Provided in three transparencies, you can mix and match parts, and tint layers to create your perfect look.

Mesh bandeau rigged to:

• Reborn (Regular, Mounds, Waifus, Teacups, V-Tech)
• Legacy F (Regular, Perky, Pinup, V-Tech)

Mesh hair veil:

• Six rigged sizes in two hair heights.
• One unrigged version.

Unrigged mesh face veil:

• The lace face veil can be further customized and tinted via the customization HUD.

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