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Happy Easter and more!

Happy Easter and more!

Salt Peppermint has added a photo to the pool:

Happy Easter and more!

to my lovely group members!

I have set out a 300LS gift card for you!
But it might have a little twist…

IF you find it, make sure to ADD AND REDEEM it before April 15th!
Once redeemed the amount remains on your account and can be used whenever you wish, unredeemed cards will expire on April 15th, 23:59 SLT

Only ONE CARD PER AVATAR can be redeemed.

group membership required

Happy Easter and.. happy Aprils fool ❤️


1. wear the card (best to use ADD) red status will change to green – the card is ready to be activated


click the card so the blue menu will pop up, click USE and the amount will be transfered to your balance.
the green status will change to blue and the card will detach automatically.
you can now delete the card, the amount will be saved.

3. USE on vendors

• Right click on the vendor of your choice.

• Choose MENU

• Click BUY on the pop up window.

• Choose GIFT CARD to pay for your item. If the amount of the item is higher than your gift card amount, you are able to pay the difference in LS.

• credits can NOT bes used to gift items to other avatars. Gift cards ( and store credit ) is to be used only for the avatar holding them



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