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Gothcore Blogger Search

Gothcore Blogger Search

Tanaka Cloud has added a photo to the pool:

Gothcore Blogger Search


Gothcore is a monthly event that celebrates the dark, gothic, and modern goth aesthetics.
It’s where the darkness meets fashion, where the unconventional becomes the trend.
Welcome to Gothcore, where every shadow has a story to tell.

If you would like to be part of our team do not hesitate to read our terms carefully, all in a safe way
to both of us, so that you can ensure reciprocity on both sides.

1° Keep the product theme.
2° Able to display items clearly without dark areas or bright areas.
3° 6 Months and Higher for blog age
4° High Quality Pictures Only
5° Priority focus on the requested item.
6° List the items in the pictures with details of where they are from ( store & event )
7° Have good communication with your team.
8° Be able to blog furniture/home decor & fashion/appearance/accessories & poses/animations
9° No Manipulating or Stealing other peoples artwork in any way.
10° Vacation Requests must have to be month period ( ex. Current month 19th – Next month 19th )
11° Photos that show the details of the product but keeping the essence of the blogger.
12° Don’t forget to tag “GOTHCORE EVENT” and “PRODUCT STORE” in your Flickr photos.
13° Vlogger MUST make 1 Video per round with 10 Minimum Items
14° Female Bloggers MUST make 3 Posts per Round with 8 Minimum Items
15° Male Bloggers MUST make 2 Posts per Round with 6 Minimum Items

Obs: We only accept Bloggers with 1k More Followers.

• Dont Forget to Follow our Social Media !

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Thank You and see you soon at the dark streets of Gothcore!!

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