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"Goodbye Gacha"

"Goodbye Gacha"

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"Goodbye Gacha"

Due to changes in Linden Lab’s TOS, this will be the last month in which you are able to buy items in gacha format.

This also means that starting September 1st, all our gacha items are no longer available. So if you love them the way they currently are, please stop by before August 31st. 🙂

As many of you know, we’ve been part of the gacha community since 2013 and as such, a lot of work lies ahead of us to weed out and revamp our releases to keep your most loved items available to you as well in future. This process will take some time and might mean that some items will be discontinued.

Existing Gacha Fatpacks which we created for events like "The Epiphany" or "Lootbox Gacha" will stay at deviousMind sim of course. And those that are not listed on Marketplace yet will find their way there soon 🙂

Those who know !dM deviousMind since it’s start in 2009 will also know, that I am an absolute fanatic for many color options and to be honest, gachas have allowed me to fully dive into the color pallette and provide you a rainbow of everything – with only very little vendor rez space. So this was lovely. 😉 Regardless, we’ll be of course continuing to release the quality you expect with hopefully sufficient color choices for everybody – even if not quite the same amount. ♥

We would like to thank everybody from the depth of our hearts, who has shared the past year’s gacha experience with us and we’re looking forward to the new old times in SL with you 🙂

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