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FREE Cookie Ornaments!

FREE Cookie Ornaments!

~Lantian/Flox~ has added a photo to the pool:

FREE Cookie Ornaments!

~Lantian/Flox~ Advent Gift # 22

"Stained Glass" Sugar Cookie Ornaments to hang on your tree or garland! 100% original mesh, custom textures+materials. 1LI each. So kawaii cute!


Please come to the "Creepy Cryssy" event in Flox sim:
You can either….

1.) Get *FREE* on Dec 22 – Play the Advent Game by wearing the "Creepy Cryssy HUD" and shooting a naughty elf. -or-

2.) Get at 80% Discount – Purchase this gift from its ornament on the Big Black Tree. (Very affordable, around cost of 5 uploads.)

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