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Free BOM Updates IV

Free BOM Updates IV

Izzie Button (Izzie's) has added a photo to the pool:

Free BOM Updates IV

The 4th batch of BOM Updates is here! I updated the next most requested items that have been suggested by you here on Flickr (…) and inworld:
Flower Nipple Tattoo Appliers, Halloween Colors Lipstick (Catwa, LeLutka), LeLutka Eyeliner, Hurt Eyes Make-Up (Catwa, LeLutka), LeLutka Noble Classics Lipstick, Metallic Eye Make-Up (Catwa, LeLutka), Eye Blush Make-Up Set (Catwa, LeLutka, Laq), Aegyo Sal (Catwa, LeLutka, LAQ, LOGO), 90’s Ombre Lipstick (Catwa, LeLutka, LOGO), Catwa Dark Metallic Eyeshadows, LeLutka Eyebrows (curved, soft arch, straight, thin curved, upward), Catwa Cors Sheer Lipgloss, Catwa Erin Lipstick, ToddleeDoo Scraped Knees, ToddleeDoo Snotty Nose, Catwa Hairbase, Guyliner (Catwa, LeLutka) added 50% and 75% opacity levels

Thanks a lot for all your suggestions!

You’ll find the free updates at Izzie’s mainstore in the new releases area. They will be free for you to grab until July 12th (afterwards please send an IM or NC to Izzie Button for a redelivery of your product).

Is there an item you would like me to update for Bakes On Mesh? Let me know in the comments below, in the comments of this pic… or inworld (IM or NC, both will work).

BOM Infos –>

Items already updated:………

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