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Ah, my dear mad ones! It’s the Joker here, and I have an announcement that will make your hearts beat faster than the bat-signal. Get ready to dive into the madness for two with the FP Lady Quinn Set! Inspired by the glorious film "Joker: Folie à Deux" and our beloved Lady Gaga embodying Harley Quinn, this set is a true spectacle of madness and style.

Whether it’s for a Halloween ball, a duet with your lover, or just to leave Batman speechless, the Lady Quinn Set is the right choice for you, my dear reckless ones. Skirt, corset, red jacket, boots, purse, stockings, and even the clown-inspired EvoX makeup, all meticulously designed for the most cunning mesh bodies in Second Life.

Our creations are ready to embrace bodies like Maitreya LaraX and PetiteX, Legacy Classic and Perky, Belleza Gen.X Classic + Dainty Add-on, and Ebody Reborn. And to ensure the experience is immersive and perfect, we’ve included alphas to keep everything in place, along with an "under jacket" version of the corset, perfect for wearing under the red jacket.

And you know what’s even more exciting? A special HUD that transforms your outfit from pristine to blood-stained in the blink of an eye! Yes, my dear, you can switch between clean and dirty, bringing that touch of horror we all love.

So don’t waste any time! Seize your chances to cause chaos and admiration with the FP Lady Quinn Set, available now. Madness has never been so elegant!

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