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Firefly Lamp Automaton Fatpack

Firefly Lamp Automaton Fatpack

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Firefly Lamp Automaton Fatpack

We are excited to bring you the Firefly Lamp Automation, a wonderfully detailed must-have piece of decor to add to your collection, coming soon to Uber!


As the sun dipped below the horizon, a soft symphony of whirring and clicking rose from the mechanist’s workshop. What had initially appeared to be intricately designed beetle sculptures revealed their true nature, parting their decoratively engraved protective wing covers to unveil stained glass wings beneath, which in turn parted to reveal an incandescent bulb which buzzed as it cast its warm glow. These beautiful mechanical fireflies, suspended from the workshop’s walls and adorning its tables, transformed the space into a sanctuary of radiant artificial light, mirroring the dance of their living counterparts in the meadow just beyond the workshop’s threshold.

The Arcane Mechanist
The Apprentices Jourmal


Experience the enchantment of the Firefly Lamp Automation – a masterpiece of meticulous design, available in stunning Rose Gold, Iron, Brass, Gold, and the exclusive Burnt Ceramic only available in the fatpack. With both public and owner versions included, you have limitless customization options.
Let the magic unfold with its automated features, including auto on/off, a dazzling palette of 9 light colors, and 10 captivating wing colors. The delicate wings gracefully open and close, creating an ambiance like no other. Firefly Lamp Automation offers both beauty and functionality, illuminating your space with an unparalleled blend of elegance and innovation.

Open September 25-October 22

All sales are final; no refunds except for double purchases.

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