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*Find the Fish* – Chinese Opera – Face

*Find the Fish* - Chinese Opera - Face

Orphy's corner has added a photo to the pool:

*Find the Fish* - Chinese Opera - Face

*Find the Fish* – Chinese Opera Makeup with Head Accessory

Inspired from characters and the amazing talented acrobats of China.

The pack includes:
– 4 Lel Evo X Bom Layers for mix & match
– 1 Head accessory with color change HUD
– Mod-Copy

Thank you Tara for being my model

You can find the Fish at

In World Store
In World Store 2

Small Historical Info

Peking (or Chinese) Opera is an extraordinary cultural symbol of China, full of energy, skill, and musical traditions. But the key to appreciating and understanding Peking Opera as it depicts scene after scene of ancient stories from noble and brave characters like Zhang Fei and Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms, fictitious figures like Monkey King from Journey to the West, shady figures like Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms and so on, lies in understanding the patterns of the opera’s facial makeup.

White Is Seen Very Differently in China Than in the West

White has a different meaning in China as well. In the West white typically denotes purity. Someone adorned in white is usually going to function as the hero, or at least inspirational figure, of a story. But in China white is usually associated with death or mourning.

White opera masks will therefore announce negative traits. A character with a white mask is typically highly malevolent. They’ll usually function in a way which harms the story’s protagonist. And there’s a high chance that a white masked character will function as the main villain of the opera’s story.

The Elegance of a Pink Mask

The West typically associates the color pink with femininity. But in Chinese opera it will instead symbolize elegance and dignified standards or behavior. A character of high social standing or refined sensibilities might don a mask with pink coloration.

In general, red stands for loyalty, white for treachery, black for integrity and intrepidity, purple for firmness and steadiness, yellow for ferocity, blue for bravery, green for grumpiness, gold for immortals, silver for monsters, and so on

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