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FFJ Alvida Headwear (FTC) TEX

FFJ Alvida Headwear (FTC) TEX

Norsk Himmel has added a photo to the pool:

FFJ Alvida Headwear (FTC) TEX

New release!

Hot off the presses, a delicate diadem, for the warrior in you.

25% Group Discount inworld (limited time – dedicated vendor in the entrance)
– 223L$

Or, on MP –…

Demo is a fully functioning version, with a 5 minute timer – please test it!


❀ Unrigged Mesh
❀ 2 metal options (3 areas), 6 Gem textures on 2 different areas
❀ Includes optional HUD control
❀ Delivered with Copy / Mod / No trans perms.
❀ Free fully functioning 5 minute demo – please test!
❀ Delivered item – Auto-unpack when worn – no need to rez
❀ Grid-wide redelivery using the included redelivery HUD
❀ Group Discount available on in-world purchases (When wearing active group tag)
❀ Gifting option via vendor

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