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[Fetch] Cactus Mug Holder @ Shotgun – Wild West!

[Fetch] Cactus Mug Holder @ Shotgun - Wild West!

Fetch.Daddy has added a photo to the pool:

[Fetch] Cactus Mug Holder @ Shotgun - Wild West!

Out today for Shotgun – Wild West!

The Cactus Mug Holder, a cute little wooden stand for your mugs. Comes with mugs attached or an empty version so you can add your own personal favorite mugs!

The stand and the plain mug come with a texture HUD to change and mix and match.

This piece is between 1-2 land impact at current size but will change depending on the size you make them.

There is a demo HUD at the venue so you can see all the different color combinations ♥




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