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Fatpack – Salon "Style Louis XV" – Le Chateau Rococo

Fatpack - Salon "Style Louis XV" - Le Chateau Rococo

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Fatpack - Salon "Style Louis XV" - Le Chateau Rococo

Available now on the Marketplace also available on standalone items

Introducing a new Le Chateau Merch brand : Le Chateau Rococo

This collection is not just some mere items, but remarkable creations that embodies the grandeur and opulence of a bygone era, its elegance and sophistication. (Yes, I adore everything gilded, cherubs and baroque. Let me live my 18th century wigs wearer fantasy:eyeshake: )

We will start with this magnificent salon set, designed in the Louis XV style, includes a charming sofa, armchairs and chairs. Known as the "Queen" model, this set features large armrests with covers and high backrests crafted from gilded wood. The front of the chairs are exquisitely carved with winged rococo motifs, pomegranates, and acanthus leaves, while a beautiful rose is engraved in the center of the apron. The back of the chairs boast intricate mouldings and engravings replicating the motifs on the front. The set rests on four elegantly arched and ribbed foliage feet with scrolled ends, adding to its luxurious appeal.

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