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Fashionism – Alexa Shades

Fashionism - Alexa Shades

Maya Reyes | Fashionism has added a photo to the pool:

Fashionism - Alexa Shades

Hey dolls! It might me fall, but the sun is still out & shining bright. So come on over to Fashionism Boutique and grab your copy of Alexa Shades!

– Alexa Shades are available to purchase as a multipack.

– Texture changing HUD with 24 frame, 8 lens & 6 metal textures textures is included.

– All the items are copyable, modifiable and non-transferable. You will be able to adjust, resize & tint your shades to your liking!



I hope you enjoy this this product!

Stay safe! Kisses! ♥️??

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