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Fancy Fall – The Collector @ FaMESHed

Fancy Fall - The Collector @ FaMESHed

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Fancy Fall - The Collector @ FaMESHed

The joy of collecting special pieces of art and decor is something that can be experienced by anyone. From vases, pottery and paintings to sculptures, trinkets and other decorative items, the possibilities are endless when it comes to curating a unique collection. Putting these pieces together to create beautiful displays of art can be a truly rewarding experience.

One example of a special display is a photography studio complete with vintage camera, detailed paper backdrop, champagne, and a book. This setup gives a unique atmosphere to the art and decor displayed in the studio, making it a special place to showcase the collected pieces. With the right combination of items, it is possible to create a unique atmosphere that will show off the pieces in a new and exciting way. It also allows for a little bit of fun and creativity, as one can mix and match different pieces to create something truly special. Adding additional items such as frames, candles, and flowers can really bring the display to life. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating a special atmosphere that will truly show off the collected pieces in a unique way.

Notable Features:
-Adult animated shipping crate
-Champagne with animated bubbles + dispenses
-Spotlight with smart bulb menu in 3 finishes
-Camera in 3 finishes with tripod version, decor version, and holdable version.
-Backdrop with 4 texture options
-Drum table with 3 finish options
-Handled vase with 4 texture options
-Face sculpture in 2 finishes
-Pouf (PG only) in 4 color options
-Moroccan Panel in shipping crate + a version without the crate for decor
and much more!

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