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Fancy Fall Stiffkey Piano Corner @ Kustom9

Fancy Fall Stiffkey Piano Corner @ Kustom9

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Fancy Fall Stiffkey Piano Corner @ Kustom9

Nestled in the corner of the room is a cozy piano corner, surrounded by warm candlelight and a large bird of paradise plant. The plant’s deep green leaves and unique shape give the space a natural, organic feel, while the flickering candles provide a warm, intimate glow. The room is filled with the sound of piano music as the musician plays an original composition. The smooth, melodic sound of the piano blends perfectly with the soft ambiance of the room. The decor in this space is unique, with vintage art and intricate textures that make the room feel like a creative oasis.

Notable features:
– Piano with 62 animations
– Piano plays an original composition by Jake Vordun and favorites by Mozart, Beethoven, Satie, Joplin, Rameau, Chopin, and Scriabin.
– Candle set comes in gold, iron, and silver, and comes with a box of candles in cream or multi-colored, as well as a dish with a burnt match.
– Other unique decor includes a highly detailed and sculpted squirrel and plant, and a hand-painted rug by Apple.

The Stiffkey set is available at Kustom9 now!
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