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Equal10- Ariskea – Tachi-Gata

Equal10- Ariskea - Tachi-Gata

ariskea has added a photo to the pool:

Equal10- Ariskea - Tachi-Gata

Hi! I created this Lovely Frame lantern for your Gardens, i included a Winter version with Snow textures . I hope you like this unique Piece .
Available at Equal 10 ,September 10!

Thank you i hope you like ! ♥

The meaning Behind
Tachi-Gata (pedestal lanterns) also called Tachi-Doro (standing lantern built to imitate temple lanterns) can be easily identified by their large base or pedestal.

The first lanterns of this classic beauty date back to the early "Ashikaga period" in the eighth century and were typically used to light temples and shrines.

To place the Tachi-Gata bury the pedestal portion into the ground up to the point where the carving begins.

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