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Equal10 – Ariskea – Shawn

Equal10 - Ariskea - Shawn

ariskea has added a photo to the pool:

Equal10 - Ariskea - Shawn

New release!!

One of my friends requested a PBR skybox, so I decided to explore the new PBR system in Second Life/Firestorm. I created both a classic texture version and a standalone PBR version. While I’m still learning PBR, I wanted to provide versatility with legacy texture options and a HUD for extensive customization. I hope you enjoy these!

Brief Overview:
➻❥ 2 version Classic Version [Legacy textures& Hud ]
+ Pbr Stand alone [ Not supported by hud]
➻❥ Interactive Lighting , [ Click the Switch to Turn on/off]
➻❥ 110 land Impact [ Aprox 14 x14 Footprint]
➻❥ Hud Customizations Systems [ONLY FOR CLASSIC VERSION]
➻❥ Can be tintable
➻❥ Copy/Mod/No transfer [Mod at own Risk]

Available at Equal10!

Hope you like!

Thank you!

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