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EQUAL – Evan Sandals

EQUAL - Evan Sandals

EQUAL SL has added a photo to the pool:

EQUAL - Evan Sandals

We are at Men Only Monthly with the Evan Sandals, and we are excited to share these with you.
➝ They are fitted for: Belleza, Enzo, Signature Geralt & Gianni, and Legacy.
➝ Single packs come with option to change metals.
➝ Sandals come with option to have tab or no tab showing.
➝ 12 Single Colours available.
➝ Fatpack comes with HUD customization to create unique looks for your sandals.
➝ Please always try a demo before purchasing.
➝ Wear your EQUAL Update Group tag to take advantage of the group discount.
Get it here:…/Sunset…/136/83/25

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