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Elm. Artemis Dining Collection – Collabor88

Elm. Artemis Dining Collection - Collabor88

Ella Spacejam has added a photo to the pool:

Elm. Artemis Dining Collection - Collabor88

The Artemis Dining Collection is now available at the current round of Collabor88!

Who doesn’t love a little dining nook? This Banquette set features earthy tones, multiple seating options, and versatile lighting elements. Have a look at the detailed information below, then see it in person when you visit the event!

✣✣✣ Artemis Dining Collection – C88✣✣✣

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Dining Booth – Available in PG or Adult
» Land impact varies 2-6 each section
» Includes 4 modular bench styles
» Seats 2-3 avatars per section
» Includes 2 versions with or without pillows

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Dining Chair – 3Li
» Animations: 6 Single & 4 Dining

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Decor Pack
» Lemon Bowl – 1Li
» Plate Setting #1 – 3Li
» Plate Setting #2 – 3Li
» Wall Art – 1Li

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Pendant Light – 2Li
» Click on/off
» Pro Tip: Adjust the suspension cord using the ‘edit linked parts’ option to keep proportions in your space.

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Sconce – 1Li
» Click on/off

➜ Artemis Banquette ~ Dining Table
» Includes 3 versions: Long (3Li), Medium (2Li), Short (1Li)

I hope you all enjoy this set, don’t forget to add your images to our group ♥


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