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.E l e i. – Ester (Eyemakeup) for SOS

.E l e i. - Ester (Eyemakeup) for SOS

EleiGM has added a photo to the pool:

.E l e i. - Ester (Eyemakeup) for SOS

Greetings lovelies, for this upcoming round of Spoonful OF Sugar, I’ve prepared this eyemakeup which will be 100% donated to this cause.

Ester is a "Bakes on Mesh" makeup and it comes in 3 parts: Eyeshadow (Tintable), Lid Color (available in 10 colors) & Black Eyeliner. Instructions NC about the order of wearing it is included. ♥

The SOS opens Sept 5th @9 AM SLT

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