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#Dreamn // Peppermint Liner [Evo X]

#Dreamn // Peppermint Liner [Evo X]

DreamnSL Resident has added a photo to the pool:

#Dreamn // Peppermint Liner [Evo X]

Eyeliner is a simple small liner for those who want something simple and fun to pair with your favorite holiday looks! Both are BOM and best fit on lelutka but may work for other heads as well! 🙂

Coming NOW to SoKawaiiSundays!

#Dreamn: Brand new featuring BOM content & Original works. Our goal is to bring light & positivity to the SL world. It would mean THE world to us if you could check out our Flickr and our group so you can stay updated! 😀 So much more to come!

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@Dreamnsl Resident

SoKawaiiSundays is a weekly event that will be an avenue to highlight kawaii themed content on secondlife. This event gives the kawaii community an arena to experience kawaii items that represent the cutesy side of Secondlife. Every sunday, one or two items will be set.

You must join the secondlife group "SoKawaiiSundays" to grab the Kawaii notecard. You can also view each week’s options here.




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