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DRD Elixer Emporium Potion Cart

DRD Elixer Emporium Potion Cart

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DRD Elixer Emporium Potion Cart

No time to go to your local Wizarding alley to shop for goods?
Don’t worry Professor Wernstrom will be on the go with his Elixer Emporium where you can shop for all your witchcraft and wizarding needs !

The elixer emporium Potion Cart will be available at Wizarding Fairin their custom built Ministry of Magic Atrium.
Organised by Mischief Managed

Here’s a Handy recipe to start you off with :
To brew a mind domination potion, gather the following ingredients and follow the steps below, but feel free to add your own twist.
– 2 batches of Queen’s Bay Leaf
– 1 handful of Winter Paprika
– 1 batch of Mercy Sumac
– 4 pinches of Abyss Herb
– 2 batches of Ruby Savory
Crunch the Queen’s Bay Leaf until you think you’ve done a good job and put the result in a cup. Add a handful of water to turn it into a messy mix, then add the Winter Paprika a little bit at a time.
Fill a pan with clean river water, add the mixture and let it steep while you do something fun, then come back and bring it to a boil. Let it rest overnight before adding the Mercy Sumac and Abyss Herb, all at once of one, then half at a time of the other.
Rapidly heat the mixture until it’s hot, mix in the Ruby Savory and let everything rest until the mixture has a thick consistency.

Whisk the mixture gently to break up any potential clumps. Your potion is ready to be used. A good gulp is needed for potion to be effective, but it tastes awful so maybe mix it with some honey.

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