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Dahlia – Olivia – For C88

Dahlia - Olivia - For C88

Dahlia 2017 has added a photo to the pool:

Dahlia - Olivia - For C88

Dahlia for C88 – Olivia Collection

❥ Copy – Modify

❥100% Original Mesh

❥ Sofa comes in ADULT & PG versions

❥ Seats two people at a time with lots of bento animations

❥ On/Off Blanket option

❥ Sofa – 12 Texture change color options to choose from

❥ Coffee Table comes with 14 texture change color options

❥ Rug Comes with 5 texture change color options

❥ Chandelier comes with light source or non light source option, extra chain and ceiling cap to fit all heights.

❥ All items can be bought separately or a discount PG & ADULT fatpack options.

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