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Dahlia – Hoppy Treats 6l 2

Dahlia - Hoppy Treats 6l 2

Dahlia 2017 has added a photo to the pool:

Dahlia - Hoppy Treats 6l 2

Dahlia – Hoppy Treats Hunt at Dahlia’s Mainstore

❥ New Release!

❥ Copy . Modify

❥ For Dahlia – Updates – Group members – 50L to join – Past gifts available.

❥This hunt will be running from now until the 23rd of April. Both Dispensers will go to full price 299L each after the event is over.

❥ Each hoppy treats comes in silver or gold hardware and dispenses four yummy treats with bento holds.
Personal holds included.

❥ Dispenses – Chocolate Bunny Drink, Cake Pop, Bunny Berry, Carrot Berry

❥ Find the two chocolate eggs – One is silver – One is gold

❥ Hint 1 – Sweet Escape this Easter

❥ Hint 2 – Bare with me


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