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[Cosmic Dust] – Olivia Outfit @ Equal10

[Cosmic Dust] - Olivia Outfit @ Equal10

bodytothestars has added a photo to the pool:

[Cosmic Dust] - Olivia Outfit @ Equal10

Hello Everyone! I’m excited to announce our first release with the brand new branding!!

The Olivia Outfit comes in 3 Hudded Minipacks. Each pack contains 5 shirt colors and the 6 denim colors. There is a total of 15 shirt textures and 6 denim colors in the fatpack. This is a fun outfit for the end of summer/beginning of the fall season! Hope you enjoy it!

Bodies: Legacy, Lara, Freya
(Kupra had some issues so we will send out an update with Kupra sizes this weekend!)

The Outfit will be out at Equal10 @ Noon SLT.


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