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Clover – Hunter Spells

Clover - Hunter Spells

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Clover - Hunter Spells

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♥ Intro ♥

A set of 5 unique spells for the monster hunter, that will help aid you in the hunt! Each of the spells comes with animations, particles, functionality, and a hud to easily switch and control them. See more info for details!

*** Requires rezzing, and push to use effectively.

♥ How to use ♥

– The HUD
The HUD is a simple, symbol based HUD system, that will allow you to cast and switch spells easily. simply right click on the HUD and attachment item, and add them. Click on one of the 5 spells detailed below to activate it. The page will switch, and click on the symbol to cast it anytime. Click on the stop symbol to dispel all spells, and the reverse symbol to pick a new spell.

* You can only have one active spell at a time, and when you switch spells, the other will be dispelled.

– Spells

~ Aard(blue): This spell will knock back all avatars, and physical objects in front of you. Can be used to throw back opponents, or knock back physical obstacles or walls.

~Yrden(purple): This is a magical trap that you place on the ground (one time use/lasts 20 minutes). You can see a faint glowing symbol, and anyone who steps in it will be frozen for three minutes.

~Igni(red): This will create a wave of flames that will burn any avatar, or scripted/physical object around you. The flames will follow the targets for a few minutes.

~Quen(yellow): A protective shield that will push anyone who walks into you away, or knock back anyone close who tries to touch you.

~Axii(green): This is mostly roleplay based, but it will let you select an avatar to charm, and show a particle path between the two of you. It will let them know they have been charmed.

♥ Policy ♥

– If you need any help with your item, please contact: Needshealthsystem resident, as this is the best/fastest way to receive help.
– Gatchas are non-refundable/ exchangeable.
– We are not responsible for any issues with third party reselling of gatchas.
– Please watch demo videos (if available), try demos (if available), and read information about the product before purchasing, as there will be NO refunds for non-transfer items if you fail to do so.
– We do not under any circumstances respond to threats, or tolerate abuse of any kind towards staff.
– We will try our absolute best to help you with your issues, so be patient while we try to figure out whats going on.
– Unless stated, scripts will always be no-mod. The object itself might differ in permissions.

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