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Clover – Brain Muncher

Clover - Brain Muncher

Kira alena has added a photo to the pool:

Clover - Brain Muncher

Come get me at The Warehouse on July 2st:

♥ Intro ♥

The Clover – brain muncher is a working brain stealing system, that allows you to reach into peoples heads, steal their brain, eat it, or throw it. The brain will bleed, and if you touch it, people can see whos brain you stole. With simple gestures, you can grab someones brain that is near you, or.. eat it! Includes bento animations, sounds, and particles, as well as a fully mesh brain.

♥ How to use ♥

1. Attach the item, "Clover – brain muncher", and activate the two gestures included.
2. Allow permissions on the system.
3. In settings, Make sure you have this option enabled: Move & view -> Movement -> Pressing letter keys affects movement instead of starting nearby chat.
4. Walk up right beside someone, and press the letter: E on your keyboard. If someone is close enough, you will reach into their head, and steal their brain.
5. TO eat the brain, Press the key: R.
6. To throw the brain, enter mouselook, and click to throw.

♥ Policy ♥

– If you need any help with your item, please contact: Needshealthsystem resident, as this is the best/fastest way to receive help.
– Gatchas are non-refundable/ exchangeable.
– We are not responsible for any issues with third party reselling of gatchas.
– Please watch demo videos (if available), try demos (if available), and read information about the product before purchasing, as there will be NO refunds for non-transfer items if you fail to do so.
– We do not under any circumstances respond to threats, or tolerate abuse of any kind towards staff.
– We will try our absolute best to help you with your issues, so be patient while we try to figure out whats going on.
– Unless stated, scripts will always be no-mod. The object itself might differ in permissions.

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