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[CIRCA] – "Summer Splash" Prizes for Dog Days of Summer Hunt 2020

[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Prizes for Dog Days of Summer Hunt 2020

Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living has added a photo to the pool:

[CIRCA] - "Summer Splash" Prizes for Dog Days of Summer Hunt 2020

We joined this hunt event with 20+ designers, which is held on an adult sim called "At A Town Called Short Leash" and includes themes that are summer, kinky, sexy, cute and more. For this I put together a large collection of water themed items including pools or items to place in pools. There are 5 heart shaped pools with 15 single animations and 6 adult couple sets. These have animated water that you can touch to make invisible. Then we have 6 long pool floats in various colours with 18 male & female pool animations each, 4 drink floats tables, 4 cherry duo avi inflatables with 10 animations (m+f), and 5 single round inflatables. I really like the cherry floats as you can have 2 avis floating together! Again, all pieces are done in an array of colours to mix and match. You can never have enough of this kind of stuff….. pool party anyone?! Wander the entire sim to collect all these amazing prize items.

Runs Aug 1st – 31st

Find All 21 Prizes ~ around the event grounds
$20 to $25 each

Find our prizes to seek here:

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