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[CIRCA] – "OceanScape" Collection – MerMay Prize Key 2024

[CIRCA] - "OceanScape" Collection - MerMay Prize Key 2024

Cherelle Capra – [CIRCA] Living has added a photo to the pool:

[CIRCA] - "OceanScape" Collection - MerMay Prize Key 2024

We are taking part in another year of the MerMay hunt! We celebrate all the mer in Secondlife by taking part in this special hunt. It is organized by the owner of the Veles fantasy sim by NotTheReal Novaland, owner of Amadeus (previously Dreamcatcher store). All you have to do is find the various hidden pearls from many of the designers taking part, including us.

This collection is great for filling out underwater spaces and adding light and colour to your environment. You can even use these pieces for background setups.

We have 14 pearls in all this year as seen in the prize key above. Each of our prizes are L$25 each.

Runs from May 1st to 20th

Find the hunt grounds here for prizes :
Click here for your deep sea teleport

Info on the hunt:

Gallery of prizes at the event by various designers:

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