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Chef HILL – Fruit Infused Water Jars

Chef HILL - Fruit Infused Water Jars

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Chef HILL - Fruit Infused Water Jars

Hey Foodies!! Get hydrated with these, Chef HILL ‘Fruit Infused Water Jars’ coming to TMD.
Make drinking water fun and flavorful with our 4 infused flavors of: Orange Kiwi, Raspberry Mint, Strawberry Kiwi and Blueberry Lime. These waters have numerous nutritional benefits and makes drinking water tasty and refreshing.
includes: Bento drinking, holding and decor jars with 2 metals and 4 flavors to choose from. Or get the ‘Mega Meal’ which includes: 3 metals and 6 straw colors, plus the full set.

Available @ TMD. 9/5 12pm slt
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