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Chateau // Cupped Martini Glasses

Chateau // Cupped Martini Glasses

[Peinturelure] Victoire Sire has added a photo to the pool:

Chateau // Cupped Martini Glasses

Buy it now :…

🍸 *An old VHS crackling 1980s music plays in the air*


All items that Le Chateau Merch sell are created as original content, starting from the mesh all the way to the final textures. Thank you for buying from us and we hope that you are getting something here that you just can’t get elsewhere.

If you have any problems, issues, questions or suggestions, you are more than welcome to contact Victoire Sire. Any time, day or night via Minitel services.. .. …. … …. ..Beep ..beep… 3615 Le Chateau……

—– Le Chateau Motel & Resort —–

Do you like vacations?
Do you like synthwave, girls in bikinis and hanging out while drinking an exotic cocktail by the poolside?

Then Le Chateau Motel & Resort is the place for you to be! With our delirious and cheesy environment, we offer a wide variety of services, from the airfield to the camping site!

While the motel has rooms available with each a very unique theme, the camping area is a completely RP area with an 80s/90s dresscode to make you feel immersed as if you were there.

Take your pick!

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