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CELESTE – Snowflake Jewel Set

CELESTE - Snowflake Jewel Set

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CELESTE - Snowflake Jewel Set

Listen, folks, this is an important one.



Below is a quote from the notecard to sponsors:

"SOS – Survivors Of Suicide SL is a mental health peer support group. The SOS group is turning 10 years old this December, which makes it the longest-running group of its kind in SL.

Ten years is a very long time in Second Life, and this milestone deserves a proper celebration! To mark this event we will be throwing a big winter fair throughout December, on land so generously donated by Kaerri. The event will run from the 1st of December to the 1st of January."

I suspect most of you have been affected directly or indirectly by mental health concerns. Please come along to support this event, I’ve set out vendors that will donate 50% to this cause, as have many other vendors. I will also be donating 3k of gift cards to the raffle.

Don’t like my stuff, totally fine, just come along as see what others have to offer!

Can’t afford to purchase anything? I wholeheartedly understand it’s a tough time of year for many, especially financially, but what you can do is help raise awareness of this group within SL, attend the events, help get the word out to friends and support each other.

Much love, have an awesome day! Syncophie ♥

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