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[Cat-Noodle] Veggie-Packed Bibimbap Bowls @ LEVEL! #New

[Cat-Noodle] Veggie-Packed Bibimbap Bowls @ LEVEL! #New

Cat-Noodle Store | Eimear & Bleue has added a photo to the pool:

[Cat-Noodle] Veggie-Packed Bibimbap Bowls @ LEVEL! #New

Eimear and I love bibimbap.

In fact, bibimbap was one of the dishes we shared during our first few weeks of dating. So, not only did creating these bowls bring us closer as a couple, but it also carried us back to fond memories from a not-too-distant time. Teehee.

With that said, I’m happy to introduce these delicious bowls, dubbed ‘Veggie-Packed Bibimbap Bowls,’ that we’ve cooked up for this round of LEVEL.

Here’s everything you need to know about each bowl pack, as well as our discounted chonkypack, which I hope you all don’t want to miss out on:

‣ All bowl color variants are available separately or as part of a discounted chonkypack
‣ All bowls have a minimum land impact of (2) two each
‣ Each bowl includes handy black bento-holdable chopsticks
‣ Each bowl set also includes decor + holdable bowls
‣ All packs include two bento-holdable poses for F + M

So there you have it, everyone.

We hope you enjoy these meticulously crafted bibimbap bowls as much as we enjoyed creating them for all you veggie lovers.

Take home one, two, or all three bowls (if you do, consider getting the discounted chonkypack) exclusively at LEVEL Event today!

🚕 #1:
🚕 #2:

————- =^..^= ————

We can’t quite wrap up this post without thanking Alexandre & Mathilde De Cyriac from La Plume for creating the nifty bento poses that round out this set.

A big hug and thank you also goes out to Holly, our skilled AD photographer, who never ceases to amaze us with her warmth and superb talents.

————- =^..^= ————

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