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[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Summery Crepes @ Summerfest! #New

[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Summery Crepes @ Summerfest! #New

Cat-Noodle Store | Eimear & Bleue has added a photo to the pool:

[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Summery Crepes @ Summerfest! #New

These beautiful crepes are currently available at Summerfest! Slap that sun tan lotion on and enjoy some delicious treats out on the beach!

This is a collaboration titled Sweet Summer Delights, an effort completed alongside our good friend Diff from Ananas!

Our portion of the collaboration are the Sweet Summery Crepes. They are both a delight for the eyes and tastebuds! There are two variants available: Blueberry Lavender and Cherry Blossom that are available separately.

What is included in each Crepes pack:

‣ Blueberry Lavender or Cherry Blossom crepes lovingly served on a bento holdable plate for F + M.
‣ All crepes include a holdable fork (for F + M), full of a delicious bite of ice cream and fruit!
‣ A decor version of the Blueberry Lavender or Cherry Blossom crepes plates (1 land impact each).

We hope you enjoy these gorgeous summer crepes! Come on down to Summerfest to enjoy these light and delectable treats!


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As always, we must lovingly thank Alexandre & Mathilde De Cyriac from La Plume for creating the great bento poses for this set.

Also, Thank you so much to Hae-Jin for coming in at the eleventh hour to photograph an incredible ad! We appreciate you for your flexibility and kindness, and of course, talent!

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