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[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set @ N21! #New

[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set @ N21! #New

Cat-Noodle Store | Eimear & Bleue has added a photo to the pool:

[Cat-Noodle] Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set @ N21! #New

Eimear and I (Bleue here) traveled to old Sweden for this exciting new round of N21, baking and shaping a traditional set that’s been a staple since its inception many years ago.

We’re talking about the good ol’ classic cinnamon roll in what we consider to be our first international dessert set, dubbed the ‘Sweet Cinnamon Roll Basket Set.’

Here’s what’s included, both separately and as part of our discounted chonkypack:

‣ A sweet (decor) cream cup weighing one (1) LI
‣ An overflowing (decor) latte mug weighing two (2) LI
‣ An overflowing latte mug with a priority (6) six bento pose
‣ A preciously gleaming (decor) incense with a single (1) LI
‣ A (dispenser-based) cinnamon roll basket weighing (3) three LI
‣ A (decor) cinnamon roll basket weighing (3) three LI
‣ A single (holdable) cinnamon bun with a priority (6) six bento pose

*Please keep in mind that the mug + creamer are sold together, with the single cinnamon bun serving as part of the basket dispenser.*

We’re very excited about this release because we’ve been planning to release at least one international meal set every other month for quite some time as part of a potential mini-project called ‘Cat-Noodle: Around The World,’ and we’re finally getting around to it.

More on that later, but for now, I hope you all stay warm and remember to stock up on sweets this holiday season because nothing beats the feeling of indulging in good ol’ comfort food or desserts.

Thank you again, and we wish you all a joyous holiday season!


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As always, we must thank Alexandre + Mathilde De Cyriac from La Plume Store for creating the bento poses that round out this set, as well as Holly M’ Fyore, our talented AD photographer, who never ceases to amaze us with each new picture she takes for us!

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