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[Cat-Noodle] Freshly Baked Whoopie Pies @ Cosmopolitan! #New

[Cat-Noodle] Freshly Baked Whoopie Pies @ Cosmopolitan! #New

Cat-Noodle Store | Eimear & Bleue has added a photo to the pool:

[Cat-Noodle] Freshly Baked Whoopie Pies @ Cosmopolitan! #New

These delicious whoopie pie sets are presently available at Cosmopolitan’s 10th Anniversary Round: Pt. 2.

We’ve packed them with just the right amount of love, sweetness, filling, and a few extra features you won’t want to miss, including:

‣ A decorative bowl filled with marshmallow cream, a drippy spatula, and a plate of stacked chocolate/candy whoopie pies (not unlinkable)
‣ A dispenser-based dish of stacked chocolate/candy whoopie pies that dispenses small whoopie pies to enjoy with the family at the touch of the plate
‣ A holdable whoopie pie (chocolate/candy) with a single priority (6) six bento-holdable pose, tested on female and male avatars

*Both chocolate and candy whoopie pie sets have a low land impact of 2 and are available separately or as a discounted chonkypack.*

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To go with our whoopie pies, we’ve also created this sassy mug, which I’m sure will affirm to others a whole new relationship status between yourself and chocolate.

That is to say. Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate?

To acquire this mug for free, join Cosmopolitan’s inworld group here: secondlife:///app/group/7382cf06-a663-d569-9683-5c3f0edd968f/about

Enjoy a cup of warm latte on us and relive the fun + deliciousness of baking by visiting Cosmopolitan today!


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As is customary, we can’t quite wrap up this post without properly thanking Alexandre + Mathilde De Cyriac from La Plume for creating the sweet bento-holdable poses that round out this set.

Many thanks also go to Holly M’Fyore, our exceptional ad photographer, whose talent in portraying all of our products never ceases to amaze us.

We love you three very much!

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