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Bottles @ Lazy Sunday

Bottles @ Lazy Sunday

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Bottles @ Lazy Sunday


For this Lazy Sunay Bottled collection is in special discount.

🎈 A Story – A jar with water and a plant telling a sweet story of a frog and a goldfish. 75L

🎈 Life – Air water and light giving life to a delicate plant with two connected bottles. 75L

🎈 Life – a funny looking bottle containing a little climate zone to allow growth. 75L

🎈 Sea – Blue and simple. 60L

🎈 Rose – A soft design of a flask containing a single rose. 75L

🎈 Rainbow – A series of 8 bottles honouring pride month in two layers of clear glass and colourful glass.75L

🎈 Shelves and Table – Claer glass and clear metal designed shelves in 3 sizes and meshed in a way to make it easy to modify and a round side table. 75L

🎈 Fatpack is available with a discount. 408L accidingly to the discount for this Lazy Sunday.

🎈 Oh Deer Inworld

🎈 Bottled Collection on the MP

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