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Bonbon – Lady Unicorn @The Arcade

Bonbon - Lady Unicorn @The Arcade

kittynapkitkat has added a photo to the pool:

Bonbon - Lady Unicorn @The Arcade

– hair is fitted alpha hair, include all colour HUDS with optional horn (black, gold, white, purple)
– 10 common, 2 rare
*@ The Arcade ~ open December 1st – close December 31st
Teleport 1Teleport 2Teleport 3
(available in mainshop once event ends)

Posted my ad very early.. couldn’t help myself!

I have never done anything like this before, this is my first ever animesh rideable compainion, and it’s a unicorn! I was feeling really inspired by The Last Unicorn so this is what I wanted my first animesh project to be. The Unicorn has an AO and a posing HUD if you want to take some pictures with it, also the horn is animated with a cycling glow feature. The unicorn has a cute smile and cheerful eyes, the animation will make you feel happy! Please give it a safe home ♡ …the secret unicorn…is a secret so shhh 😛
I also made a little stars animated Aura which can be worn with anything! and don’t forget… please make sure you DEMO the hair!

I am feeling so tired now… need to rest for a short bit. I hope you enjoy this gacha! ♡

Special big thanks to the very talented Love & Blizz for helping me out with the scripting stuffs and helping me learn Animesh ♡♡♡

PS I’m holding a GIVEAWAY for this gacha on Facebook, come enter for FREE! 😀

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