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BloggerSearch 2024

BloggerSearch 2024

山岡 凜 (Rin.Yamaoka) has added a photo to the pool:

BloggerSearch 2024

Welcome & follow us inside our creepy and elegant place, where every monster is allowed aswell.

✦ Ghost Bloggers application is now OPEN for SUMMER!
Start at 10/07/2024
End 20/07/2024

Please read our requirements before applying !

♡ We are looking for Talented people all around the world ❤️ If you like manga, anime; Ghost, Banshee aesthetic please join fill our application!

What is GHOST? Our theme is a combination of every themes our store used to have. Inspired from Alice Madness returns video game, and Japanese Yokai.
We are a society of Monsters, animated by two little Banshees Black and White haired :
✦ Mars (Aka Rin/me): Love eating human eyes ♡
✦ Jupiter (Aka Jupi/ManagerBunny): Loves collectionning Human teeths!

✦ Form ✦
TAXI Mainstore

*Easy Bloggers system
For validate your Blogger Application you need to confirm your identity, After send it, Watch out the local chat, and copy/paste your OTP code for your application.

Be aware, We will take bloggers for a limit of times, around 3-5 month. We added a field for Bloggers who already worked for us in the past. This field applies only for you <3 (Please precise the date you did joined the team ty)

If you are selected, ONLY JUPITERIII RESIDENT will contact you in-world.

We are so happy to have new Eye Eaters, and teeth collector!♡ Feel free to contact us for any question or request regarding our store ~

木星, 火星

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